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Lines of Business

Systemic Advocacy

Systemic issues impact large numbers of people. The Office of the Seniors’ Advocate can identify, analyze and review systemic matters related to seniors. These systemic issues are brought to the attention of the Office through input from individuals, organizations, service providers, research and media reports. The issues fall under five broad categories: health care, personal care, housing, transportation or finances.

Systemic reviews may include research, consultations and information requests. Conclusions drawn from reviews may form the basis of recommendations to government, government agencies, service providers and community groups respecting legislation, policies, programs and services impacting seniors. The Advocate will closely monitor all recommendations to assess how they are implemented.


The Office of the Seniors' Advocate works with seniors' organizations, public or private service providers (as per the regulations in the Act) that fund or deliver seniors' services, and others to identify and address systemic seniors' issues.

This Office does not address individual seniors’ issues. If the Seniors’ Advocate becomes aware of an individual senior’s matter, the Advocate may refer that senior to the Office of the Citizens' Representative.

Seniors who need information on programs or services are referred to SeniorsNL which can help seniors anywhere in the province. SeniorsNL records the details from all calls on its electronic tracking system. This information is also available to the Office to help with its systemic monitoring.

Public Awareness

The Seniors' Advocate listens to seniors and voices their concerns. The Office of the Seniors' Advocate works to make sure the public is aware of its duties and powers. Members of the public are invited to contact the Office for information about the Seniors' Advocate Act and the operation of the Office.

The Advocate has committed to ongoing outreach throughout the province to gather data and share information with the public, especially seniors. Where it is in the public interest, or in the interest of a person, department or government agency, the Advocate may publish reports as related to the Advocate’s powers and duties. These reports may or may not be the subject of a report made to the House of Assembly under this Act.