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The mandate of the Office of the Seniors' Advocate is to address systemic issues impacting seniors. Systemic issues are problems in an overall system rather than a specific or individual concern.

The Office will:

In carrying out the powers and duties of the Office, the Seniors’ Advocate may

  1. receive and review matters related to seniors;
  2. initiate and participate in reviews related to seniors;
  3. conduct research related to seniors, including interviews and surveys;
  4. consult with seniors, service providers and the public;
  5. request information, other than personal health information within the meaning of the Personal Health Information Act and personal information within the meaning of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015;
  6. make recommendations to government, government agencies, service providers and community groups respecting legislation, policies, programs and services impacting seniors; and
  7. inform the public about the Office of the Seniors' Advocate and promote awareness of systemic issues related to seniors.