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The Office of the Seniors' Advocate believes strongly in its role as an independent voice for seniors in this province. Every effort is taken to ensure that the integrity and core values of this Office are reflected in its service to the public and in its internal activities.

Value Action Statement
Independence Powers and duties will be applied in an open, unbiased manner. There will be no conflict of interest or undue influence during any stage of the review process. Every effort will be made to provide timely, accurate and fair recommendations.
Respect Every individual in contact with this Office will be treated with respect. Differing opinions will be valued in an open, collaborative spirit.
Diversity Every person is unique and the seniors’ population, as a group, are not all alike. Differences in experiences and opinions will be welcomed and used to build an open, accepting and strong service to the public.
Empowerment This Office will support and encourage seniors to use their voices. Seniors will know that their issues are important and that they have a role in making positive changes.